How many styles do you offer?
We currently offer ten styles of the highest quality silk, mink and horse hair lashes in the market right now. We have two lite, three day, three night and two premium lashes in our entire collection.

Depending on your preference for length, volume and texture, there is a style for you:

What is the difference between your lite/day and night lashes
Our lite and day lashes are more subtle and can be worn every day to work as they provide a natural look. Our most natural looking styles are Bina and Mimi. Our night range consists of a fuller and more glamourous look and works well for nights out. Our most dramatic styles are Zofia and Lillie.

What are silk lashes?
Silk lashes are made from 100% silk and provide a soft, highly glossy finish for a natural-looking, luxurious look.

What is the difference between synthetic and silk lashes?
Synthetic lashes are of lower quality than silk lashes. Our silk lashes are made from 100% natural silk. The ends of our silk lashes are tapered and each lash is lightweight and flexible.

Synthetic lashes are heavier, less natural looking and in comparison provide a plastic finish. Unlike these cheap synthetic lashes, the silk lashes look glossy and feathery and can be reused a multiple number of times.

Are your lashes comfortable to wear?
Unlike synthetic lashes, our silk and fur lashes are more comfortable and more importantly, light and easy to wear.

How are your lashes made?
All lashes are handmade and rest on a durable cotton thread band, helping to hold the lashes together longer than other mass-produced lashes.

What is the difference between mink and horse hair lashes?
Horse hair lashes are even softer and lighter than mink fur lashes, and naturally darker in colour. You will find that mink lashes are naturally glossier and more versatile.

Do you offer lower lashes?
At present we do not offer lower lashes but we hope to introduce a lower lash line soon.

What colour are your lashes?
The colour of all our lashes is black. The mink and horse fur hair lashes are naturally black and no dyes are used in the process when making the lashes.

Am I able to pre-order if styles out of stock?
Yes! Drop us an email at and we will arrange a pre-order for you, as well as keep you informed of current availability.


How long does it take to apply false lashes?
This depends on the experience of the person applying them. For beginners, this could take up to 5 minutes per eye. To make the process easier, we offer an applicator to help with the application. With practice it could take you less than 5 minutes to apply both lashes!

How do I apply the lashes?
To apply the lashes, gently coat the inner lining of the lash with good quality glue. Wait a few seconds for the glue to become sticky, then apply the lash to the eye starting from the inner corner and adjusting the outer corner at the same time, until the lash sets on your lash-line. You can use two tweezers (for each corner), or start with an eyelash applicator before adjusting the corners.

Do you provide free glue?
We do not offer free glue with our eyelashes. This is because we believe that only good quality glue should be used with our product. The small free glue (which a lot of brands offer) is a cheaper substance and often does not stick properly and can also clump the lashes together.

A good quality glue will not only affix your lashes to your lash line strongly but it is also easily removable. Any residue will peel away like rubber without damaging your eyes or the lashes.

Therefore, we sell high quality Ardell Adhesive Lashgrip which you can purchase from our accessories page.

How do I adjust the size of your lashes to my eye?
Our lashes are usually a tad too long for most people, which is deliberate so that you can measure and trim the eyelash according to the length of your lash line. Before gluing the lashes on, hold the inner corner of the lash against your eye and decide how much should be trimmed. Always trim from the outer corner first. We recommend you trim small bits at a time to ensure you do not cut too much off.

You want to trim enough so that the lash sits perfectly over your eye. Make sure the lash is naturally the length of your own lashes, in order to provide the most natural look.


How many times can I wear your lashes?
All of our lashes are long lasting and reusable. Our lashes can be worn up to 25 times when cared for properly. Our Bina and Mimi styles can we worn around 5 times due to them being so delicate and fine.

How do I look after my lashes?
The key is to be gentle and not heavy-handed with the lashes, which is why we recommend using an applicator. We recommend you store your lashes in its original box when not in use to keep them in shape and dust free. After wearing your lashes we would advise you gently remove the excess glue along the cotton thread to maintain longevity.

Can I wear mascara on top of the lashes?
We advise against it but most importantly, you will not need to. Wearing mascara or coating the lashes with any product can affect the individual lashes and shorten their life span.

Can I get the lashes wet?
We do not advise getting the lashes wet in any way, this includes showering and swimming. This will ensure you preserve the shape and style.

Can I curl the lashes?
Just like your natural eyelashes you are able to curl our lashes, however, our lashes already have a natural long lasting curl so you should not need the extra lift. To retain their natural shape please keep them in their original box after every use.


Can I track my order?
What shipping services do you offer?
Please refer to our Customer Services page for more information.

Yes. All orders are traceable and you will be given a tracking number upon request for Royal Mail’s ‘track & trace’ online portal.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We ship worldwide. You will be given the option for international shipping at checkout.

How long does delivery take?
Within the UK, you can expect to receive your item as early as 2 days after placing your order. You will receive a confirmation email once we have dispatched your order. For international orders please allow up to 1 week from the time we dispatch your items.

What is your refund and exchange policy?
Please refer to our Customer Services page for more information.


Which forms of payment do you accept?
We currently only accept PayPal payments. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use PayPal to complete your order. PayPal allows guests to checkout using its service and accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), debit cards and eCheque purchases.

What is your privacy policy?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms page for more information.